1. ADVOCATED FOR BETTER STREET SIGNAGE IN THE COVE: Worked with the City to secure larger and brighter street signs for easier navigating of the Cove, especially after dark.

2. CONTINUING PARTNERING WITH FRIENDS OF THE FRED WOLFF BEAR CREEK NATURE PRESERVE AND THE CITY:  CNA works with both groups as they conduct cleanup activities, complete fencing and path installations, and monitoring problems that arise in the Preserve.

3. ADVOCATE WITH CITY FOR CONSISTENT AND FAIR ENFORCEMENT OF MUNICIPAL CODES  Recent recommendations have affected the ability of City staff to enforce codes in a timely manner.  CNA advocates for strict enforcement of existing laws, or to change them to reflect current needs.

4. PRESERVATION OF THE WILDERNESS AREA CALLED “THE WASH” The “Wash” is located between Avenida Montezuma and the bike path on the west side of the Cove. It is one of the few natural washes in the Coachella Valley, a joy to nature lovers, hikers, artists and many kinds of wild life. Historically, it was privately owned, and every few years, developers petition to build condos or homes on these 19 acres. The Cove Neighborhood Association approached City Council members and urged the City to purchase the property. In 2004, this was done, and the City designated it a “preserve”, to be left in its natural state in perpetuity. More recently, CNA supported the recommendation to name the area, ” The Fred Wolff Bear Creek Nature Preserve” to honor La Quinta’s first mayor, and the historic name of Bear Creek.

5. SPEED LIMIT UNIFORMITY AND SIGNS: Until recently, the speed limits in the Cove have seemed helter-skelter, bringing confusion and possible dangerous speeds to our streets. CNA worked with City staff to identify legal limits (25 mph unless otherwise indicated), and to place signs at appropriate streets to call the drivers’ attention to these legal limits.

6. MUNICIPAL CODES AND ENFORCEMENT: Most of the issues that come to CNA are code enforcement issues: unsightly lots, loose animals, inappropriate lighting, trash cans left in view of passersby, noise, etc. The most frequently used codes have been translated into common terms, and are posted on this website. Take a look under City Ordinances Made Easy . Our goal is to educate residents on how to resolve our own neighborhoods issues, by talking with neighbors, registering a complaint with the City (phone or visit their website and file a complaint), contacting a City Council member, or the police. If all else fails, contact CNA for support.

7. ENHANCEMENT OF LANDSCAPING ON EISENHOWER BETWEEN AVENUE 50 AND TAMPICO: CNA representatives worked with City staff to improve the landscaping along Eisenhower on the west side and to remove weeds on the east side. Further improvements will follow the widening of the Eisenhower bridge in the summer of 2005.


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La Quinta Cove resident Trice Healy takes super picture of eclipsing moon held in the mouth of our traffic Circle Roadrunner Sculpture.  Traffic Circle located at Ave 52 and Jefferson. 9-27-2015   Thanks Trice for sharing your photo with the Cove Neighborhood Association and the residents of La Quinta.

roadrunner swallows moon