La Quinta Mayoral and City Council

November 2018 Election

Candidate Questions 



Candidate:  Brian Hanrahan

1.  What project or projects do you propose to improve La Quinta and the quality of life of our citizens?  Please explain: 
1)  What is the project?
2)  What are its benefits?
3) How will it be achieved?

I would like to build a world class sculpture garden. This would support the arts in our community. I would seek donations to pay for this.

2.  Citizens have expressed concerns over potential safety issues on heavily used Calle Tecate at the top of the cove. These issues seem especially acute during the season.  

1) Please share your views on these safety issues.
2) Explain what steps, if any, you believe would increase safety at the top of the cove.  
3) How can they be achieved? 

More parking in the dirt off street. More community volunteers to advise and patrol. 

3.  Economic development is a key element in the continued survival and success of any city.  La Quinta faces vacant private commercial properties and is making plans for the Village and Silver Rock.  

1) What specific steps can be taken to stimulate revival of vacant business properties?   
2) What is the role of city government in the promotion of economic development on privately owned property? 
3) What is that role in private/public partnerships like Silver Rock?

We have no control over vacant business properties, retail is changing with on-line shopping. Lack of planning is starting to be apparent on 111 and other parts of town.  Silver Rock must continue to provide public access for all. We have given the hotel developers a large piece of public land, they need to deliver. I want the best for La Quinta, but a new approach may be warranted. 

4.  The largest single expense in the city’s budget is police service which continues to grow at approximately 11% annually.  

1) What do you suggest the city should do to address this ongoing and very expensive challenge?
2) Should the city continue to pursue a city-wide surveillance camera system, and if implemented, what limits, if any, should be placed on its use?
3)  What have you done to familiarize yourself with the city’s budget and operations? 

We need to develop our own police force. I am scrutinizing the budget now, and we should all be looking at how the money is spent.  I do not support a city-wide surveillance camera system.

Brian Hanrahan