Candidate: Kathleen Fitzpatrick, La Quinta City Council
Cove Neighborhood Association Steering Committee questionnaire September 2020

Q1: Policing La Quinta - Policing costs are taking an increasing amount of budget.

a) What police cost reduction steps will you recommend?

b) What is your position on reforms involving reallocation of duties within the sheriff's
department? (Maximum 150 words)

A1: The Sheriff has recognized the need to research how police services are provided to contract
cities like ours, since increased yearly contract costs are unsustainable. I support this course of
action. I would like La Quinta to provide routine services – such as filing police reports and
assisting with non-injury car accidents – with well-trained, non-sworn personnel, leaving sworn
officers to respond to emergencies and more dangerous situations. This division of duties can
reduce costs and create efficiencies in service.

In order to achieve reallocation of duties, or other holistic improvements in service, we must
assure our residents that our deputies continue to be trained to meet evolving community
expectations, and that our residents provide input into the decisions made about their policing

Q2: Short Term Vacation Rentals (STVRs) - Resident quality of life.

a) What is your stance on STVRs? Is adequate enforcement possible? Can they be successfully
managed and maintain resident quality of life?

b) Cathedral City and Palm Desert have eliminated or are in the process of eliminating nonhosted
STVRs in non-HOA residential neighborhoods. Should La Quinta allow STVRs in R-1
and R-2 neighborhoods? (Maximum 150 words)

A2: There’s no doubt that the STVR program is impacting the quality life in R-1 zones. I
supported establishing the ad hoc committee – even before Covid created an upsurge in bookings
– to generate policy change recommendations. The program must allow us to maintain the
quality of life and the fabric of our neighborhoods, or we’ll have to consider serious restrictions
or the eventual elimination of STVRs in La Quinta’s R-1 zones.

Q3: COVID-19 - What more can La Quinta do to assist residents and businesses in this
pandemic? (Maximum 75 words)

A3: The Council has been proactive in maintaining continuity of service, while striving to keep
our residents healthy. Actions included allocating $40,000 to FIND Food Bank, and $1.5 million
from our Economic Disaster Reserves to support businesses with rent and utility relief and safety
equipment. We streamlined the permit processes and offered innovative planning to increase safe
access for customers. Our leadership efforts have resonated at the regional level and, we’ll
continue to innovate.

Q4:Minus campaign rhetoric, tell voters why they should elect you. 

A4: I have dedicated my career to public service. This is a challenging time, and experience and
solid, effective teamwork are more important than ever. I’d like to continue to work with my
fellow Councilmembers to address the challenges brought on by COVID, to see the SilverRock
Resort completed, and to improve programs and services with community input. I’m a planner,
and I love planning and working for the future of the Gem of the Desert.

Kathleen Fitzpatrick 2020

Kathleen Fitzpatrick for La Quinta City Council 2020

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November 2020 Election