Candidate:  Linda Evans

Evans 2020

1. Policing La Quinta - Policing costs are taking an increasing amount of budget.

a)What police cost reduction steps will you recommend?

The annual increase in costs is unsustainable, but maintaining and/or enhancing police services
remains a priority of mine. We (LQ) have invited Indian Wells and Palm Desert to consider a
tri-city coverage approach to assist in cost management and service efficiencies with Riverside

b) What is your position on reforms involving reallocation of duties within the sheriff's

I support an ongoing review and evaluation of capabilities and scope of work to determine any
continued training needed to properly protect our city. I support exploring the use of Community
Service Officers in a larger capacity – with the proper training, data reports, and accountability,
as a mechanism to provide effective coverage in a cost-effective manner.
It’s possible that other resources may be needed to assist our deputies in their roles. Should
that conclusion be drawn from collaborative discussions and community input, then that
investment should be made outside of the existing Sheriff’s contract. I greatly appreciate the
protection our police team provides to La Quinta.

2. Short Term Vacation Rentals (STVRs) - Resident quality of life.

a) What is your stance on STVRs? Is adequate enforcement possible? Can they be
successfully managed and maintain resident quality of life?

I support STVRs in LQ and believe they can co-exist in our community.
Cities can effectively permit short term rentals (STVRs) that are responsibly managed, used and
do not pose an undue disturbance to the surrounding community with the adequate
enforcement. LQ prioritizes resident quality of life; hence the ongoing changes over the years to
balance the program. Last year’s appointment of an ad hoc committee (pre-COVID) to
recommend further policy/program changes speaks to the priority we have for our residents.
I do not support banning short-term rentals in La Quinta. I do support addressing the issues
and concerns and resolving them in a win-win situation. I believe we can achieve that balance,
as we have had the last several years of the program. We are a tourism destination and need
to recognize and adapt to the trends of preferred travel / stay.

b) Cathedral City and Palm Desert have eliminated or are in the process of eliminating
non-hosted STVRs in non-HOA residential neighborhoods. Should La Quinta allow STVRs in
R-1 and R-2 neighborhoods?

Yes, provided quality of life is preserved.

75 words or less for questions 3 & 4

3. COVID-19 - What more can La Quinta do to assist residents and businesses in this

To date, the Council allocated $1.5 million from reserves to help our businesses survive, along
with $40,000 to FIND Food Bank to assist the food insecure in our city. La Quinta can continue
to work with our businesses, industry leaders, and residents to provide assistance where
possible to ensure their viability in the months and years ahead. This can be done while also
providing services within our city with reduced resources and revenue.

4. Minus campaign rhetoric, tell voters why they should elect you.

I love serving La Quinta. I want to continue our achievements, continue the momentum, and
address and overcome the challenges that we now face as a result of the pandemic and its
impact on our community and economy. I remain driven by the support, participation, and
engagement of our residents and am committed to them for the betterment of our city. The
work is not easy and the work is not done. I’m a worker.

Mayor Linda Evans


La Quinta Mayoral Candidate Questions

November 2020 Election