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our mission


Representatives of CNA meet monthly with City staff to advocate for issues that have been brought to our attention.  Other agencies are Desert Sands Unified School District, CVWD, LQ Police Department, etc. Issues currently being pursued are:

1. Support local efforts to maintain vacant homes in safe and attractive condition.

2. Advocate for strict and uniform enforcement of codes especially those relating to animal control, noise, light, and litter regulations.

3. Keep community aware of issues that may impact quality of life in the Cove, such as assessment districts, annexation, etc.

4. Work with police, fire department, and neighbors to strengthen and expand safety measures, such as priority for police protection, neighborhood watch groups and disaster preparedness.

5. Advocate for enforcement of safety restrictions in public areas, such as parking lots, trails, and parks.

6. Bring matters of immediate need to the attention of city staff and elected officials.