La Quinta City Council Candidate Questions
November 2020 Election

Richard Gray for La Quinta City Council 2020

1. Policing La Quinta:

a) Negotiating with the Sheriff for cost reduction but added security coordination.

More use of COPs (Citizens on Patrol) for visual policing and fast communication with Sheriff. Re-organize
Sheriff contract with La Quinta for savings, for specific area needs, and for physical locations,
vehicles, and supplies. Having Sheriff vehicles and administration over more than La Quinta
may result in lower costs. Safety is the primary responsibility for city governance and should be
handled with all elements and possible targets in mind: school district, hotel security, COPs,
special targets (churches, shopping centers, big-box commerce).

b) Using Sheriff vehicles and control centers for La Quinta in coordination with neighboring
Sheriff contract cities/county - eliminate La Quinta Police designation while increasing effective
neighborhood policing - including Neighborhood Watch groups and use of Ring cameras for
crime reduction.

2. Short Term Vacation Rentals (STVRs) - resident quality of life.

a) STVRs are wide-spread in tourist destinations around the country. However, current
property owners counted on area zoning as protection of the quality and value of their

STVRs should have yearly licenses and can be renewed based on performance and
neighborhood approval. New licenses should require approval of the nearby neighbors with
specific restrictions for number of occupants, noise control, parking restrictions, etc. Any pattern
of valid complaints should result in fines and eventual denial of the STVR license.

b) As above, permission in R-1 and R-2 should be tightly controlled and restricted. If allowed,
the number and location of other STVRs must be considered. These zones are particularly
established to prohibit commercial sites in residential areas - and STVRs can easily become
very active commercially.

3. COVID-19 - how can La Quinta help in this pandemic?

La Quinta must follow federal and state laws and regulations as applicable. La Quinta needs
to prepare for a return to normal, especially to promote and protect local commerce, already
suffering under on-line purchases. I would like to have a reduction in sales tax to make La
Quinta more competitive. Extra signage should be allowed for customer access. Special events
can be arranged and scheduled coordinated with businesses to bring more tourists and
foot-traffic. ...exceeded word limit

Q4: Minus campaign rhetoric, tell voters why they should elect you. 

4. A principle goal is to create council districts (4) to structurally bring residents in closer contact
with their respective council member. Another goal is to institute term limits (say 8 years per
person total - mayor/council). Too long in office will narrow the incumbents' vision and will result in the stagnation we see now. La Quinta has many very experienced residents, but very few
candidates. Term limits also helps eliminate possible corruption.

Richard Gray 2020