Robert Sylk 2020

La Quinta Mayoral Candidate Questions
November 2020 Election

Robert Sylk for La Quinta Mayor 2020

1. Policing La Quinta - Policing costs are taking an increasing amount of budget.

a) What police cost reduction steps will you recommend?

 Answer #1 - I do not like the word "defunding" of police. We need to re-organize our public safety approach. Our police are spending their valuable and expensive time on every little complaint people have and that is partly because people have nowhere else to turn when they have an issue. We need additional Code Enforcement personnel and we need a City Ombudsman to handle neighbor disputes over things like messy yards, firecrackers going off, etc. As heartwarming it is to see a police officer rescuing a duck from the pond or buying a hot meal for a needy citizen, that is expensive and we can do better in meeting the needs of our community by providing specialists, perhaps going so far as putting a mental health officer on-call. We need more police spaced properly to get the most out of our tax dollars.

2. Short Term Vacation Rentals (STVRs) - Resident quality of life.

a) What is your stance on STVRs? Is adequate enforcement possible? Can they be
successfully managed and maintain resident quality of life?

Answer #2 - The STVR rental issue has many layers as the program was not evaluated properly before implementation, considering the modern day STVR renter and the impact their presence has on neighborhoods in large numbers. The Cove Area is especially concentrated with these STVRs due to the affordability of real estate. Investors are slapping on a coat of white paint, putting in furniture and renting them as party houses without regard for the impact they are having on the neighborhood. We should listen to the residents who should be the priority, and not just the almighty dollar. We meed an audit to determine the problems and addressed to the residents satisfaction. If not, the program needs to be re-assessed completely with proper regulations that meet both sides' concerns. As Mayor I want this business to continue with stiff penalties agreed to by both the owner and his tenant. 

3. COVID-19 - What more can La Quinta do to assist residents and businesses in this

Answer #3 - The City needs its business owners for a brainstorming session.. Our Council/City has been mostly absent throughout this entire ordeal. We need to work on a plan of action now. Where do we stand and how badly impacted is our community. Those neighbors who are struggling need to know we will help them. There is no communication from our City in this regard other than offering platitudes. We have to prepare for near-term survival.

​​4. Minus campaign rhetoric, tell voters why they should elect you.

 Answer #4 - La Quinta is a great city but the time has come to abandon the same career politicians and elect new dedicated leaders with innovative ideas to lead us. A bold vision is essential for the next generation of La Quintans. Our quality of life and the long-term viability of La Quinta are both at stake without raising taxes.