1) While La Quinta has been named one of the safest cities in CA, the cost of policing continues
to rise, due to circumstances out of the control of the city, such as benefits, union negotiations,
and etc.

The city has recently and in the past conducted a Matrix Study which evaluates how deputy
workload is distributed, crime stats, and etc… It helps the council evaluate which positions and
how many positions are needed; not all deputy positions cost the same.

The goal is to continue to provide high level of policing currently expected by our residents and
businesses, while reducing the cost passed down to the city from the Sheriffs Dept.

Amongst many ideas, we are conducting a study to evaluate if a partnership with Indian Wells,
Palm Desert, and La Quinta on the same contract will reduce the overall costs; the study points
to this as a viable option.

2) I support the Short-Term Vacation Rental (STVR’s) program, as I am a proponent of
individual and property owner rights. However, with individual and property owner rights, come
individual and property owner responsibilities. It’s no different than allowing daycares, assisted
living, and other homebased businesses.

My philosophical foundation for how I govern is “do what you want on your property, as long as
it doesn’t affect anyone else.” The problem is when it does affect someone else with loud noise,
social disturbances, parking issues, etc.

Both STVR owners and neighbors are entitled to enjoy their homes peacefully as they see fit.
However, enforcement of current ordinances has proven to be the difficult part of the program,
but I do not believe that eliminating the program is the answer. I will continue to work with our
council and staff on enforcement, such as fines, revocation, and even education.

3) We are fortunate past city councils have established an economic disaster fund, and this
council had the foresight to continue to budget for this fund over the years.

We have, and I will continue to support what we are currently doing: 1) City backed rebates for
equipment needed to open safely. 2) Interest free loans & grants (which many business owners
have applied for). 3) City-wide marketing efforts to promote shopping in La Quinta.

4) 4 years ago, La Quinta residents entrusted me to keep La Quinta moving forward in the right
direction. Since taking office we’ve increased revenues; named one of the safest cities in
California; capital improvement projects are moving forward; Silver Rock is on track; and La
Quinta, despite the COIVD economy, is a thriving city.

Service to my Country (8-year Marine Veteran) and community is what drives me. I’m ready to
keep moving La Quinta forward.

La Quinta City Council Candidate Questions
November 2020 Election

Sanchez 2020

Steve Sanchez for La Quinta City Council 2020