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Remember that little post card we all got in the mail?  This is the week that we begin trash pick up in the Cove on TUESDAYS instead of Thursdays. 

Also from Burrtec, they are asking that we do NOT place cactus or palm fronds in our GREEN  bin, as they are too tough for the choppers to chop.  Put these items (along with our dirt from plants, etc.) in the BROWN bin with the garbage.

Remember, you can schedule pick up of bulky items by calling their number, 760-340-2113 or going to

3 Responses to “Schedule change for trash pick-up!”

  1. kay Says:

    Good morning, we at the top of the Cove, or at least some of us have been changed to a Wednesday morning pick-up instead of Thursday morning. Thank you for all your information.

    Terry Henderson

  2. kay Says:

    I just phoned Burrtec and the lady said she couldn’t say how many distinct pickup areas there are in the Cove. If you’ve lost your card, or forgotten, you’ll need to call 340-2113. This Moderator apologizes for the confusion. Just be aware that this is the week of the change, so heads up!

  3. Ken Sam Says:

    I just moved here from Redondo Beach, CA. I never had a problem with trash collection. Apparently La Quinta Garbarge/Trash personnel are a bunch of p..y’s/punks. First week I assume they accidentally forgot my trash. Second week I figured I had a trash/recycle/green problem. Third week I confirm you guys are are a bunch of punks.

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